Fast-growth CEOs who use competitor intelligence grow their companies 20% faster than those who don't.
A March 2002 Trendsetter Barometer survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers: Fast-growth CEOs who rated competitor information as being either "very" or "critically" important grew revenues by 14.2%, versus 11.8% for all others -- a 20% faster rate. 

Only the most savvy CEOs understand the value of competitive intelligence. As a long-time member of the information security and intelligence communities, I stand uniquely positioned to offer a deep perspective of not only the current market, but more specifically, competitor products. We would like to be able to offer that type of information to your company, expecting that based on my research you should see immediate returns in the areas of competitor information, positioning, and product road-mapping.

Hammerhead, through solid research principles, will provide the most timely and accurate actionable competitive intelligence to the high tech and new venture communities.
We understand competition. Hammerhead Research is an elite team of highly skilled intelligence professionals with decades of real-world government and commercial experience at the highest levels of government and industry. 

The team is comprised of individuals with engineering, social science, finance, accounting, audit and liberal arts backgrounds resulting in a unique, holistic competitive intelligence perspective not offered by traditional market research security firms. 

The Hammerhead approach yields unparalleled understanding of competitive threats our clients face.

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